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Quel'dorei (PvE)
Death KnightsBlood/ must have OS Apply
DruidsResto/Feral (Tank) Apply
HuntersCasual only Apply
MagesCasual Only Apply
PaladinsPROT! Apply
PriestsCasual only Apply
RoguesCombat / Sub (Team 2) Apply
ShamanResto / Enhance Apply
WarlocksDestro / Demon Apply
WarriorsArms/Fury Apply
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Welcome To Cinder!

All members please take the time to register.
 For those of you checking us out for the first time, welcome! Cinder is a new guild, to Quel'dorei. Cinder consists of many different walks of life and player types.
We have experienced raiders, laid back levelers and a group of PVP'ers. Cinder is a mature causal raiding guild, but when in a raid we push hard for progression.
Cinder is currently raiding Dragon Soul 10 man
Team 1: 6/8H       Team 2 : 4/8H     

 We are always recruiting casual players or levelers of all classes.
 If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact our
GM, Council Members, or Raid Leader.

Raid Times:
Tuesday- Team 1  Dragon Soul 10 Man Progression 7:30-9:30* (server)
  Wednesdays -Team 2 Dragon Soul 10 Man 8:00-10:00* (server)
Thursdays - Team 1  Dragon Soul 10 Man
Progression 7:30-9:30* (server)
-Team 2 Dragon Soul 10 Man 6:00-8:30* (server)
Mondays - Team 1 Dragon Soul 10 Man Progression 7:30-9:30* (server)
Signups are a must if you are expecting to raid. Raiders are chosen
by the raid leader and may change from week to week,
based on raid composition, performance, contribution to guild, gear, skill and etc.

* - approximately, raid times can and will vary.

Guild Master

CO-GM/Raid Leader


 Council Members

Guild News    
Other Guild News

Heroic Warmaster :)

Tonica, May 4, 12 12:20 AM.

Heroic Hag. The Wicked Witch Is Dead.

Tonica, Apr 28, 12 6:57 PM.

H Ozzzzzz! 4/11/12!

Tonica, Apr 19, 12 12:45 PM.

Finally Heroic Ultrax

Tonica, Apr 2, 12 2:38 AM.

You know you lol'd

Heroic Unsleeping.

Tonica, Mar 1, 12 11:45 PM.
So, No pic was taken... awesome. Instead, I made my own. Feel free to out do me lol!

Great job tonight guys :)

Close: 4 weeks, 1260 days ago
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